Mitchell Hooks (1923 - 2013) Pt.6

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Mitchell Hooks (1923 - 2013) Pt.4

Mitchell Hooks (1923 - 2013) Pt.3

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Still more Warwick Goble (22 November 1862 – 22 January 1943)

More Warwick Goble (22 November 1862 – 22 January 1943)

Warwick Goble (22 November 1862 – 22 January 1943)

How great was Gray Morrow? Pt.3

Here’s some early ’60s SF paperback stuff that I wouldn’t immediately recognize as Morrow’s work. Different, but still great.

How great was Gray Morrow? Pt. 2

How great was Gray Morrow? Pt.1

Georges Léonnec (1881 – 1940)

From Wikipedia: the brother of the novelist Félix Léonnec, began his career as a cartoonist selling drawings to newspapers in 1899. After participating in World War I he worked as an illustrator for the magazine La Vie Parisienne. He worked for several other publications including Fantasio and Le Sourire. He was also well known for his advertising illustrations for Byrrh apéritif wine, Dufayel department stores, and the Casino of Paris.

I just stumbled across the work of Stephane Rosse, and am enjoying the Hell out of it, (in spite of how little of it there seems to be on the web). The best biographical info I can find in english comes from Lambiek’s indispensable cartoonists index.  Anyone have more info on this guy? 

Sex and Death: always a winning combo. 

Édouard Chimot (26 November 1880 – 7 June 1959)

Biographical info here and here.